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Long time no stretch

May 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, I’m sad to say I have stopped stretching.

Last month I decided to also pull back on the skin with some force during my stretching sessions. This seemed fine at first but after a week or so the skin started getting very sore and flaky – even painful. This meant I had to stop stretching and putting the cream on altogether.

This amongst other things like trying to finish college successfully meant I could no longer stretch for quite a long period. Needless to say (or perhaps the opposite of that because I’m not sure it’s been documented before) all the previous weeks of stretching were a waste as the band went back to how it was previously.

At first I was upset and disappointed that I had failed my mission but after a while I came to accept it wasn’t the end of the world.

Not only can I start stretching again whenever I like but I also know that I can keep up a good routine if I need to. I will be doing some travelling over the next few months which would make stretching even more difficult so I may start up again when I come back.

To all those trying similar techniques to me I suggest you don’t pull back the skin tight like I did because although it wasn’t painful to do, the resulting problem was.

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