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Patience is most definitely a virtue

April 27, 2011 4 comments

Well, I’m still doing my daily routine of stretching. I haven’t been able to move up in size with my stretching tools however which is slightly frustrating.

Sometimes I feel as though the hole is getting smaller on some days – I suppose maybe it is sometimes but hopefully, overall, it is getting bigger.

I can certainly tell the difference when I pull back when in the shower. The opening is a lot larger than it ever has been. Probably around 6mm. The sad thing is this ‘ring’ of tissue is taking so damn long to stretch. I’m still using the steroid cream so hopefully it’ll slowly but surely help things out.


All is not lost!

April 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It turns out that I didn’t flush my correct-fitting ‘flesh tunnel’ down the toilet – it was in fact thrown in my paper bin! I rescued it and disinfected it and put it back into service last night!

It’s around 6mm in diameter around the centre (the ends are slightly larger) and it’s a bit difficult to get in initially but once in it’s nice and snug. Last night I put this one in with a 3mm one and you know what – it’s done the trick!

Yes, it really has made a difference already. Leaving these two in over night has seen almost a complete reduction in ballooning when I go for a wee. This is something I am not used to and it feels a bit odd to be able to relax and let it all come out at the speed it’s meant to(!). Obviously when ballooning things come out at a set, slowed-down speed – set by the size of hole in the end of your foreskin.

Anyway, tonight I’m going to use the same combo of strethers and see how things are in the morning. A nights worth of stretching has never been so easy! 🙂

Skin stretchers arrived today!

April 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, finally, over a week after I bordered them, my skin stretching pieces arrived today! I tried one out during the day which wasn’t very practical so have decided to only use them during the night. Let’s see if these help me out at all…

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Still waiting for skin stretchers (tunnels)

April 1, 2011 Leave a comment

OK so I must admit I’m a bit disappointed that my ‘flesh tunnels’ didn’t arrive today. My eBay seller has let me down. I was hoping to have a whole weekend’s worth of stretching under my belt by Monday but it looks like that might not be possible.

Better stick to my manual routine for the moment 😦

How tight is tight?

March 30, 2011 Leave a comment

I suppose I should state my starting point here. Funnily enough, I found out the other night that I have what’s called ‘pinhole phimosis’. This is the most extreme version of Phimosis so it looks like I’m in for a long journey ahead. I’d say the opening I have is probably around 3mm.

Things seemed to have stopped in the results department. I still have ballooning when urinating and I can’t seem to get the stretching to perform any better.

flesh ear stretching tubesI’ve decided to invest in some ‘flesh tunnels’ or ‘ear stretching tubes’ to see if they’ll enable me to stretch any better. They’re basically little plastic tubes that range in size and are originally designed to stretch people’s ear lobes.

They were only a few pounds off a well known auction site so  I’ll have to give them a try and see how they help. I am thinking of leaving one in overnight and applying cream at the same time after my usual stretching routine so I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress. I purchased sizes ranging from 2mm to 20mm so I’m hoping to get to 20mm as soon as possible obviously!

2 weeks in…

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

After a couple of weeks of stretching I did notice a very slight improvement. I reckon that the skin stretched perhaps 2mm in total. This was quite frustrating obviously so I decided to take more action and get some cream to help me along.

Betamethasone cream is something I had researched previously, again, it was something I had tried in the past but with no luck – mainly because I didn’t stick to the drill.

Betamethason 0.05% cream is a topical steroid cream which helps during stretching by increasing the rate at which cells in your skin multiply. In the UK it is know as Diprosone and you can only get it on prescription…or can you? Well, luckily I did find a site that would ship it to this country without the need for a prescription. I know this isn’t really the right thing to do but I know my doctor wouldn’t have prescribed it to me. I saw my doctor about my issue years back and he hasn’t even heard of the cream, he said the only real way to do it was to be circumcised so you can imagine my response to that – no thanks! If I have to deal with things myself then so be it.

So, back to my 2 week mark. After feeling rather frustrated I decided it was time to get back on the cream as my routine stretching had been going well so far. So now, along with stretching I use my cream as well.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of sites where people have said they’ve used the cream and it’s been really effective but no one really says how they use it. Do they put it on while they stretch? Before they stretch or after they stretch? Well, your guess is as good as mine but I have been doing it after. The main reason being I feel this is the best time to allow the cream to seep into my skin and do its work. The fact I do it overnight means it stays on for longer too.

In my next post I’ll explain exactly what my technique is.