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This isn’t the beggining

March 28, 2011 Leave a comment

This isn’t the first time I have tried stretching.  A few years back I decided to give it a try but I soon lost interest after a few weeks. It’s hard work getting into doing it every day but so far, with my second try, I am doing well.

The trick I have found is to get into a routine.

So how have I got started this time? Well I looked at my failures from last time and have tried to improve upon them.

Previously, to stretch my foreskin I tried inserting various objects into the hole. Yes I know this sounds odd but there’s not a lot of other ways to get that hole stretched!

I started with cotton wool buds – inserting as many as possible into my foreskin and then just leaving them there as long as possible. It go to the stage where I could fit in about 8 but this wasn’t a very productive way of doing things. Although I could leave them in all day there were a few problems – (a) the length of cotton wool buds meant I had to cut them short each morning (b) it’s not that easy to go for a piss with them in and (c) if you did go for a piss they’d end up smelling by the end of the day (as I’m sure you can imagine). Don’t judge me – I was young and naive back then!

My next idea was to get a biro lid in there. It was quite difficult to get it in intially but once it was in it seemed a lot better than the cotton wool buds. The problem with a biro lid however is it’s not exactly smooth round the edges. Any hard plastic rubbing against the inside of your penis is uncomfortable as I’m sure you can imagine so this idea didn’t last long.

I was stuck for ideas until I saw someone on a forum suggest using a fishing tool (I can’t remember the name of what they are right now but you can see in the picture). With this tool you can insert it into the hole in your foreskin and then gently stretch it open. This is what I have started doing.

From the 14th of Feb 2011 I have stretched every night for 10 minutes.

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